The Since Mauling Origination - Let The Butler Begin.



Uno's manager is just standing there in the hallway with her mouth half-open. Did she really see what she thought she saw? Uno's pants were wet in the crotch? Did he ...? No, he came straight from the toilet. She has to check this. Gently. Quietly she walks past his door and there h's sitting at his desk and ... She cannot believe this. He is sitting there pulling the crotch of his pants. She hurries to her own office and sits down. She will definitely not bring up Uno's early demise last Friday. What is he really up to?

Big adventure

I'm so happy for my GPS tracking device. I got it out of the family when I'm away and mountain climbing. That will be my life's adventure, and I look forward to it very much. But I will not lie and say I have not thought about how it would be if I or my friend would be hurt. But with this bracelet, we can quickly alert family members if we hurt ourselves and they can find us using the coordinates. This means that both my mom and I feel calmer before the big adventure.

3D movies

I remember when I was in Liseberg with my family. Liseberg is like every child's paradise. We went to a movie in 3D which was about pirates. And it contained a lot of cool scenes where bees flew right in front of you and stuff like that. I remember that i got really scared because I was only about 8 years old. But now that I'm older I actually think that 3D movies are really cool! And i recently heard of something called a optical shutter which is like a 3D screen. And that sounds so awesome! A computer screen ...